Patrick Pankalla

Wardrobe Inspo, March ’17


Tent Bag Acne Studios *

Jacket Won Hundred *

Sweatshirt Mads Nørgaard *

Bracelet PERSUEDE Jewellery *

Sweater Filippa K *

Shirt Selected Homme *

Jacket Wood Wood *

Long Sleeved T-Shirt Mads Nørgaard *

Jacket Wood Wood *

Ring PERSUEDE Jewellery

T-Shirt Wood Wood *

T-Shirt Filippa K *

Sneakers Filippa K *

I feel like cleaning out my closet (again) and then add a lot of new beautiful styles. It’s finally spring and that’s why I’ve made this collage with a lot of great things that I would love to acquire this season.

It will hopefully also serve as some inspiration for you guys.

x x