Patrick Pankalla

Them Blues


Trousers + T-Shirt Weekday   |   Sneakers Valentino   |   Jacket Levi’s   |   Sunglasses Ralph Lauren

At the moment I love to be wearing outfits that contains different shades of blue. The colour has always been my all time favourite. Possibly because it makes me feel positive and only represents good things like understandment, peace, knowledge, power, integrity, self-confidence and seriousness. The colour can help you to broaden your own personal perspective, give a sense of coolness and peace, calm and relaxing, counteract chaos and open up for communication. When you go to various websites to read about the meaning of the colours, it starts making sense in terms of your own preference for colours and shades – your favourite colour can help to tell about your personality. Enough about that. The Weekday trousers and the t-shirt are a new addition to my wardrobe. I am pretty crazy about the fit and the way the pants falls and the usability when it comes to the t-shirt. It is in fact a long tee, which I have chosen to poke into my trousers to give it a less casual look.