Patrick Pankalla

The launch of my new PERSUEDE Jewellery collection


/1 CLARITY Halskæde  ⎟   /2 GLOBULAR Halskæde  ⎟   /3 PLAIN Ring  ⎟   /4 NOBLE Ring  ⎟   /5 WELLBORN Ring  ⎟   /6 BOUND Håndsmykke  ⎟   /7 EXTENT Ørestikker/Hoops  ⎟   /8 PLATONIC Halskæde  ⎟   /9 ANCHOR Armbånd  ⎟   /10 MAJESTIC Ørestikker  ⎟   /11 VITALITY Armbånd  ⎟   /12 MEDIUM Hoops

It was a big day yesterday! Not only was it my 21st birthday, I also launched my second PERSUEDE Jewellery collection. I’ve been very excited to reveal this collection as it’s something completely different from the first one – it’s much more soft and stretches more into a feminine expression. However, I still believe that all the pieces can be worn by both sexes – with some pieces, it requires a little more courage from the guys though.

What do you think about the collection, do you like it? Explore the entire collection HERE!