Patrick Pankalla

Sweetest Devotion

Belt – Louis VuittonT-Shirt – American Apparel Watch – SKAGEN Fedora Hat – H&M Sunglasses – Fendi Trousers – Tiger of Sweden Bracelet – Mulberry


photos taken by Ravi And I in Denmark

black mixed with silver & lv monogram


Boots Brett & Sons   |   T-Shirt AMERICAN APPARELTROUSERSTiger of Sweden| BeltLouis Vuitton|SunglassesFendi

I have for a long period of time been feeling some kind of defeat, where each and every defeat has been followed by another defeat. It has been a period of time that has been very difficult and which have tapped me energy – the kind of energy that I’ve needed in order to maintain my focus on what’s important. I’ve seen a lot of the things that I’ve been working really hard on, being torn apart into infinite speed; something that I haven’t had the energy to take hold on before it was too late, and here I am left full of bitterness and most of all want to put down my body in the gutter and beat myself in the head. Fortunately, this period of time has taught me many things about my existence in life that I can carry with me further on.

Somehow I finally got better at not blaming myself as opposed to how much I did it in the past. I’m super good at criticizing myself and is generally really bad at dealing with the mistakes that I commit. I found myself in a roundabout and couldn’t quite figure out which exit was the right one. I’ve been afraid to take the wrong one and chose therefore to take the safe choice, continue in the roundabout. I got tired of that stupid life pattern and drove down an exit that appeared to come with a lot of good things. New and exciting doors were finally opened! Everything looks a bit brighter and I’m looking forward to fight for something that makes much more sense. Fight for my individual dreams and goals for my future. Not only, I’m pleased to share it all with you, but hopefully I’ll get more relaxed and thrilled with my existence.

black mixed with silver & lv monogram