Patrick Pankalla

Spontaneous Bornholm Trip


Last Saturday I went on a very spontaneous trip to Bornholm (danish island) with my friend, Anna Dornan. We sat at the Italian restaurant in Copenhagen in the early evening hours – got a bite to eat and talked. I brought up that I needed some sun, heat and a getaway, and we therefore got the idea to do a spontaneous trip that evening. It was obviously not possible to order a last minute travel the same day, so we decided to rent a car and drive to Berlin, but it was not possible either, so we checked flights and Bornholm was the only destination that could be booked that very same evening.

We rushed over to my apartment while Anna tried to get rid of her shift at work the day after. The only things, we in that moment, felt were most necessary to pack was all my underpants, socks, a few shirts, a towel, a duvet cover (?!) and my macbook. We rushed to the airport (at that time there was one hour to the plane took off and we still had not booked the tickets and Anna still had not been able to get rid of her shift at work). We took the train from Copenhagen Central Station, got off one stop too early and the next train came 10 minutes later. There were now 30 minutes till the plane took off, Anna got the green light from work and we booked the tickets. It took us only 15 minutes to get from Taarnby Station, run through the airport, get through the security check and get to the gate at the opposite end of the airport.

We were quite impressed. Shortly after we were in the air on our way to the island. I love to do such spontaneous things. I never dreamed that I should go to Bornholm when I woke up Saturday morning after shooting pictures in the Copenhagen nightlife. Everyone should do such things – we only live one damn time and life is too short to always do the expected. If I had been in Copenhagen, I had probably just been at home doing some work or watched a movie  – at the end, how exciting is that?