Patrick Pankalla

Relaunch of My Creative Space, My Visual Online Diary

I can finally unveil my new creative space, my visual diary, as I like to call it. For me, the universe in here, are much more than just a “blog” – it’s my creative space, an arena in which I can do, say, and share just what I want. I work with lots of different things, and I want that you can sense that in here; I have my own jewellery brand, works as a freelance photographer, I design websites for various companies, acts as an influencer etc. The sections of my life that will be focused most on in here, are probably my photographic and creative abilities to create something truly individual, but primarily my life as an influencer.

I felt that I needed some kind of a fresh start of something new and better, and that’s why I chose to work on a new version of By Pankalla. It must be about the 7th time that’s happened since I started, haha. I finally feel well enough to feel like a normal person that can actually live a normal life. Much more of this further on.

Now I’m just very excited about slowly starting up again, on a platform where I actually have (almost) all the opportunities that I lacked before. Be sure to swing by once in a while, and then I’ll promise you that there’s not going to be much more than a few days between each post O:)

x x