Patrick Pankalla

Lost In Transit

Sneakers – Marc JacobsTrousers – WEEKDAY T-Shirt – Comme des Garçons Fedora Hat – H&M Bracelet – Mulberry Blazer – WEEKDAY


I’m quite in love with this oversized suit from Weekday, which comes in the finest dark blue colour. Lisa thinks that I look like a magician wearing this set, and I can actually understand where she’s coming from with that remark. She thought it was the hat that got the suit to look like something a magician could have worn for a photo shoot regarding his presenting advertising poster. Who knows, maybe I’ve bet on the wrong industry.


I see life as one big transit hall. In some periods of our lives we’re sitting there waiting to find out where to go. I’ve been lost in this transit hall for quite some time.


photos taken by Lise Kastleen in Taastrup

wearing weekday oversized suit


T-Shirt Comme des Garçons*   |   Oversized Suit Weekday Fedora Hat H&M*  |   Sneakers Marc Jacobs   |   Bracelet Mulberry

I see life as one big transit hall, where in some periods of your life you’re sitting waiting to find out where to go. For a long time I’ve been lost in this particular transit hall and have absolutely no clue where I’m going. Or well, I know what I want and where I want to go – I just have some trouble finding the correct platform. I lost my focus and hit a transparent glass wall. I can see through the glass to the other side, but I have a hard time figuring out how to smash the wall. I quickly gave up and ended up prioritising negative pleasure above everything else, because I just found it too inconvenient to find a solution to my problems. Now I’ve finally got my focus on the many complications and are in this very moment processing a lot of different situations. I hope that I will soon get the glass shattered and move on, on the other side.

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