Patrick Pankalla

Kenzo Shoulder Bag


K E N Z O  ( B I G )  B I K E  S H O U L D E R  B A G

Before I went to Paris, I was clear about that I should not use any money on shopping during my stay in the city and of course I ended up doing the right opposite. It quickly dawned on me that you can not go to Paris without spending a lot of money on new clothes. Window shopping is just not enough!! I simply could not resist the temptations when a walked around the streets of Paris. I went by the Kenzo store, got some clothes put aside for later and was actually on my way out the door when this bag caught my attention. The salesman told me that they just got it and it was the only one in Paris.

He then added that there is very few made in this particular size, and therefore it is kind of unique. It is available in a few colours other than black and can be purchased online, in the small version, at Kenzo’s webshop. I took it over my shoulder. It was made for me, or well, that was what we both felt. I got the bag put aside along with the clothes – I wanted to be absolutely sure that it was the right bag for me. After all it costs a total of 550 € which is kind of cheap for a designer bag. We left the store and after a few hours, we returned and I felt the need to swing my card through the machine.

The bag is now mine, and I have not regretted the purchase for one second. What do you think about it?