Patrick Pankalla

Interior For My Office


Bookcase IKEA   |   Flowerpots Ferm Living & Louise Roe   |   File Holder Normann   |   Pinorama Board HAY   |   Notebook Normann   |   Clipboard Ferm Living   |   Vase Louise Roe   |   Armchair Sofakompagniet   |   Chain Jem & Fix   |   Chair Vitra Design   |   Lamp HouseDoctor   |   Lamp Ferm Living   |   Desk IKEA   |   Welded Mesh Jem & Fix

I’ve reached a point in my life where I would much rather spend all my money on beautiful interior than new additions to my wardrobe. This is rooted solely in that I’ve just moved back to Copenhagen and started to furnish and renovate our apartment on Vesterbro. It’s AMAZING to finally be living in the city again!! As the attentive reader knows, blue is my favorite color, and I think it could be so cool to have a blue ‘theme’ going on in our new office, which will also serve as storage for PERSUEDE. First goal for 2017; buy everything seen above.