Patrick Pankalla

I’m Opening My Own Store


I’ve been looking so much forward sharing this with you guys!

Today I signed a contract for a store lease on Vesterbro in Copenhagen and I can finally announce that I’ll be opening my very own store. How crazy is that?! The store is of course intended for PERSUEDE Jewellery, which is my little baby that grows bigger and bigger for each day that passes.

I already get the keys to the store tomorrow, so I’ll start to rebuild and decorate the place tomorrow as well. The store space isn’t that big, but has the perfect size for the purpose. The back rooms are about 3 times bigger, which means that the store will act as a store, office and warehouse. The price is so affordable and I’ve been insanely lucky!

I haven’t set a opening date yet, but I expect it to be around September 1, 2017. I’m looking so much forward to welcoming you to PERSUEDE’s beautiful physical universe, and I will of course keep you updated here on the blog!

An old saying says that: “an accident rarely comes alone”, and I guess that it also applies the other way around – the store is not the only and most recent milestone. More about this when everything has fallen in place. In the meantime you can shop online!

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