Patrick Pankalla

Ilirida Krasniqi x By Pankalla


I L I R I D A  K R A S N I Q I  X  P A T R I C K  P A N K A L L A

I have joined forces with the beautiful blogger, Ilirida Krasniqi. Ilirida has a very cool personal style and stands out from the crowd. She is extremely superb at posing and work with her body in front of a camera and I can certainly learn something from her at that point. The pictures are shot with my new 85mm f/1.2 lens and I am very impressed with the quality compared to my 50mm f/1.4. Ilirida is wearing New Yorker from top to toe and I am wearing a vintage leather jacket, WEEKDAY trousers, Matinique turtleneck, Adidas high-top sneakers, Prada sunglasses and a fedora hat from Hennes & Mauritz. I will not forget to thank Nana (CHIC Lightning) for taking these pictures of us.