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LOW_Fashion SS Abribus-001tv-commercial

T R I N E ‘ S  W A R D R O B E ,  B Y  P A N K A L L A  &  S T Y L E  J U N K I E

You have probably already seen the outdoor ad if you’re in Copenhagen or following me on Instagram. For all others including my international followers I think it is appropriate to share both the image and TV-Commercial that’s running on national television at the moment. I am so proud and extremely honored to be a part of this campaign and is very sad about not being able to see it for my self since I’m abroad. I would like to thank all of you who follows me here and on my social media – you have helped me making this possible.

I would also like to thank all my friends who have shared, sent congratulatory messages and sent pictures of the ads that is hanging around in Copenhagen. THANK YOU! I still have 2 looks to share with you + there will also be held an event in Field’s the 11th of April where you can meet us 3 bloggers.

This post is made in cooperation with Field’s & ELLE