Patrick Pankalla

Dead Cold Tones


Shirt H&M   |   Trousers Mads Nørgaard   |   Shoulder Bag Kenzo*   |   Sneakers Adidas Sunglasses Acne Studios   |   Watch Skagen   |   Bracelet Nialaya   |   Hat H&M


Everything I publish here on By Pankalla is always well thought through. I am a perfectionist and always try to do as well as I can. The images were taken with my iPhone in Los Angeles. Very atypical my visual universe.  They were actually only taken with a phone because I was too lazy to pick up my camera in the trunk of the rental car. I try gradually to move me out of my comfort zone and do something a little less controlled. I think it is more authentic when everything is not as picture perfect and authentic is something that I want my blog to be. I could never deny that I am a perfectionist and always will prefer images taken with a professional camera. Enough about that! I am wearing new sneakers from Adidas Originals and a new shirt from H&M. Two really cool (and cheap) additions to my wardrobe.


 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles