Patrick Pankalla

Cozumel Snapshots


I N  C O Z U M E L  W I T H  C E L E B R I T Y  C R U I S E S

I’ve collected 16 snapshots which together gives this photo diary from Cozumel. I didn’t have the highest expectations for the island and was therefore neither disappointed or surprised. The island has a lot of amazing areas and hidden treasures but the majority live in poverty and you’ll experience destruction, worn areas and abandoned houses – this is primarily outside the center. If you have plans to visit Cozumel, then I highly recommend renting a car as it’s a very perfect, easy and rapid way to discover and explore the island. There’s one road along the coast all the way around and a lot of small and slightly larger streets in the center. It was easy for us to get around so have car rental in mind.