Patrick Pankalla

Clean For Men


C L E A N  P E R F U M E S  F O R  M E N

I have acquired all the perfumes from CLEAN and before I will tell you about the scents, I would like to tell you about the brand. CLEAN Perfume is a lifestyle brand that bases its core values in freshness and purity – inspired by the ultimate simplicity. They started out wanting to make perfumes that could be worn by anyone who wanted to feel and smell clean. Now they make products in various categories including fragrances for the body and home. One important thing to note is that they use eco-friendly and recyclable materials for their simple packaging. There are three scents for men and twelve for women, one of the twelve are unisex.

CLEAN For Men is the first fragrance for men from CLEAN. It is creamy, citrus-like and has a good balance of masculinity. It contains notes of grapefruit, English lavender and patchouli, which is a plant. The scent reminds me of a good hand soap – of course in the best possible way – and it smells even better while bearing than when you just smell to it on paper or directly from the bottle.

CLEAN For Men Classic is a spicy fragrance that is sophisticated and caters for the modern man – a man who adores quality and do not need to impress others with his scent, but wears it for his own sake. The fragrance combines notes of bergamot, basil, juniper berry, violet leaf, vetiver, and oud. I associate the smell with a major upgrade from the really cheap sports perfumes for men, which can be bought in supermarkets and the local drugstore. By wearing this fragrance from CLEAN, you are guaranteed to be the best smelling man in the gym. I would say that this is the perfect after-gym-perfume.

CLEAN for Men Shower Fresh embodies the sensation of a refreshing shower. The fragrance is simple and sophisticated, and has notes of bergamot, lemon, thyme, mint, black tea and cedar. It is the ideal everyday fragrance for the modern man who loves to smell fresh and clean. By wearing this fragrance you will smell like you just stepped out of the bath and thus smells nice and clean.

CLEAN Ultimate is the ultimate CLEAN experience that combines notes of Italian bergmot and Provencal lemon with lavender, jasmine, white roses and lily of the valley, which together creates a fragrance experience filled with freshness, warmth and depth. A clean, yet sensual fragrance. This sweet scent is perfect for use during the hot summer months.

It’s hard to choose which of these four perfumes that is my favorite, as they are all good in their own way. However, I lean towards CLEAN For Men and CLEAN For Men Shower Fresh, and I think I will make the CFMSF my new everyday fragrance and the CFM my special occasion fragrance.