Patrick Pankalla

Absolut Electrik Night

Last Thursday I was invited on Sunday Club by Absolut Vodka in connection with the launch of their new limited edition bottle, which you can see pictures of below. The new bottle has a metallic look and comes in silver and blue. The vision behind the bottle is to transform the nightlife through creativity and produce a feeling of energy and electricity to the party. I personally think that the bottles are super cool (and so is blue my favourite colour and Absolut‘s signature colour). I can not really remember much of the night, so the vodka works unchanged and as it should. Haha. Absolut has always been my preferred vodka – I do not like the really cheap vodkas – which was also the reason why I said yes to this campaign. It gave particular sense in terms of my attachment to Sunday, whom also has a cooperation with Absolut Vodka.

You can get your own limited edition bottle in selected stores around the world.


This post is sponsored and made in collaboration with Absolut Vodka