Patrick Pankalla

6 From Grand Cayman


I N  G R A N D  C A Y M A N  W I T H  C E L E B R I T Y  C R U I S E S

Grand Cayman is a really nice place. The bright and clear turquoise water was extremely breathtaking and beautiful. For various reasons I took very few photos but nevertheless I want to show you the selected pictures. The island is definitely a place that I wanna travel to again on vacation for one or two weeks. People are friendly, the scenery is beautiful, the island’s beaches are perfect and the atmosphere is good. However I lacked a proper place to cover my coffee cravings in the form of a small cozy café where I could enjoy a good cup of Café Latte. Remember to follow me on Instagram (@patrickpankalla) where I daily update with pictures that do not see their light here on the blog.